Day 9 – Increased Independence

Quick update on John: he’s totally off oxygen. Breathing without assistance. He still has a feeding tube thru his nose because he can’t swallow. Vision is better and stint has been removed (that drains the fluid). He’s speaking in sentences now and can be understood. He may be moved from ICU in the next couple days. Still not moving left side but doctors say it’s pretty normal. Please say a prayer for swallowing, increased feeling in left side and for the VA to come thru on PT funding.

Day 7 – A Road to Walk

John, Day 7: I just want to thank everyone again for all their prayers in helping my brother beat the very serious odds that were against him.

He’s moving forward with his recovery, and we anticipate it will be a very slow process, but I will post his milestones as they happen. He failed his swallow test yesterday, and started to fight (finally understanding what has happened to him). By the evening, he was smiling and trying to talk more. He moved his left side on his own for the very first time, which is incredible.

Please keep him in your prayers for continued strength and patience with his recovery. We are on a very long road, but at least we have this road to walk.

Day 5 – Removal of Ventilator

Update on John – end of Day 5:
They tested breathing this morning and he was able to breathe 100% on him own so they removed the feeding tube and vent tube all at once. SO much better.

They replaced with a cool mist mask which also didn’t go over well with John (anyone surprised?) and he proceeded to try to constantly pull it off so that he could try to speak and use his suction tube.

His oxygen level was not high enough so they replaced the mask with a nose tube (nasal cannula) and he’s been able to maintain good oxygen. He is coughing on his own (yay!) and suctioning his own mouth. He spoke a few words to my mom tonight and she understood him. He wanted to know what happened to him.

I was massaging his left hand, leg and foot and he could feel what I was doing which is also good.

Tomorrow we are hoping he will start therapies to get his speech and body moving more. Prayers for progress, patience and positivity.

Thanks for continued prayers. It has been so uplifting for John’s recovery (which already is a miracle) and the family’s spirits.

Day 4 – Baby Steps

Each day he is taking baby steps forward and thus far no steps backwards. The swelling has come down a little. Lots of cerebral fluid still draining as his body produces more. Today they wanted him to rest as they prepare to wean him off his ventilator tomorrow. He was breathing on his own just days ago and intubated to protect his lungs from pneumonia. They think he’s ready to come back off. Had to put a “mitten” on him late last night when he tried to pull the tubes from his mouth. He doesn’t like it but seemed to accept it. He’s so sharp – he is responding to everything we ask him. Played some documentaries today to give him something to occupy his mind, but he tires easily so he mostly slept. He stares right at you when you speak so he’s tracking well. Big day tomorrow. Please pray for continued reduction in swelling, healing of the brain cells and successful removal of ventilator.

Day 3 – Touch and Go

Update on John. He’s still very critical. They told us this morning he actually had 5 strokes because 5 parts of his brain were affected all at once. They said he’s lucky to have lived this long, but he’s a fighter.

The good news is that he now has feeling on his left (paralyzed) side. We was able to squeeze with his fingers, and feel his legs when they were poking his left thigh. His eyes are open today, and he is responding to us through squeezing, nods, and even shaking his head.

He looks like he is haunted by his state. His awareness is almost a curse to him, I’m guessing. We are just trying to talk him through it and keep him calm while his body works to repair itself. We are definitely not out of the woods yet.

Please pray for decreased pressure, healing of the brain cells, and patience for John.

End of Day 2 – Progress

Update on John – lots of fluid draining and relieving the pressure on his brain. Still has a tube in his lungs because he’s unable to cough but still breathing mostly on his own. Squeezing fingers to show he’s hanging in there. We will know more after the 5am CT Scan. Thank you again for your continued prayer and well wishes. I’m sorry if I don’t respond to everything.

Day 2 – A Step Back

Update on John. His swelling increased last night and he was not responding this morning. They inserted a tube to drain the ventricles and reduce the swelling and we are waiting to see the results. Thanks for your prayers.

End of Day 1

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. John is very aware of what we are saying and responds to us. I told him we had hundreds of people praying for him and he asked me if I would post on his page as well. So I’m tagging him (on Facebook).

He still has swelling in his brain which is still a big concern. He has paralysis in his left side of his face and body, but is already fighting to regain control. He slows down what he says when you can’t understand him. That’s very encouraging to me. He mostly asks for food (steak, rotisserie chicken, Mac and cheese, ice cream) but I told him people pay big bucks to lose this kind of weight. He has all his parents, siblings and children here supporting him. Please pray for reduced swelling in his brain and for his ability to swallow to return. Also for his patience to allow his body to heal itself.

Support John Fischer – Day 1

My brother John Fischer in Florida suffered a very serious stroke yesterday. I’m on my way to Florida to be with my family and would appreciate any prayers for reduced swelling in his brain. The next 48 hours are critical.