Day 34 – VA mandates therapy – FINALLY!

John’s appointment with the VA went well. They brought in a neurologist who ran a CT scan and prescribed Home Care therapy for him. This should start next week. This is a huge break for the family, as my mother has been unable to get any private home care therapists to come. They are very hard to find and stay super busy.

Day 28 – John is moving his left side!

Yesterday John moved his left leg, completely on his own for the very first time since before his stroke. He moved it twice. Then today, he moved his left arm and leg.

He is fighting! We are so excited with his progress. Still no therapists available to come to the house.

We are pleading with the VA for help, and have an appointment for Tuesday 4/23. We have to transport him by ambulance, but fortunately, Mom’s complex has access to a non-emergency ambulance.

Day 24 – John is Home

John is home. Now the real work begins. My mother no longer has the help of the medical staff and has to care for him herself. The plan is to hire nurse aides to come in as needed to do some of the heavy lifting. She’s sleeping on the couch and is up in the middle of the night when John needs something. Please keep my mother in your prayers.

A thousand thanks to everyone for their prayers, words of support and donations. From $5 to $250 your generosity is helping pay for the aides and soon-to-be therapy until we can get VA/Medicaid/SS support.

Prayer requests include increased swallowing capabilities, feeling in his left leg, increased feeling in left arm, and vision improvement. His speech seems to get better each day.

Day 21 – John Can Eat!!!

Good news on John – he passed the swallow test overnight!!! You all don’t know how awesome this is. He has been asking for food since he woke up from his stroke. Mom said the bed has been ordered and will be delivered within the week. Progress!!

Day 20 – Hospital Therapy

My mother talked with the hospital nurses this morning, and it looks like they are going to give him twice a day therapy for now, which is much better than nothing!! The VA is also going to accelerate the home care equipment delivery.

Prayers are working people. Keep them coming! Pray for mother and sister not to lose it over this.

Day 15 – Discharge Papers?

They put a tube in his stomach yesterday so that he can eat (still not swallowing). Mom met with the social worker yesterday, and was told this morning that the doctor wrote the discharge papers but said they won’t send him until we have a safe place.

They moved him to a regular room today. Just to clarify, his discharge papers are not based on his health, he just doesn’t have the medical coverage to stay in the hospital a minute longer than he has to, or go to a good care facility.

We heard from the social worker that the VA will be helping with some of the cost of his home care, which was incredible news. The family will help cover the balance, his therapy and his monthly expenses.

I am thankful that he has loving parents, siblings, children and friends who have totally stepped up to help – physically being there, working around the clock to research and solve issues, and pledging financial support. Some are not so lucky.

My sister and my mother are working through his financial situation. Please pray for them.
Please also pray for a safe place, ability to swallow, and continued progress with his therapy.
Thank you to everyone for your support. It truly means so much!

Day 13 – Physical Strides

Thank you all for continued support of John. Many continue to ask for updates, so here is some good news for today:

John stood (yesterday) with the help of physical therapy. He has increased feeling in his left hand today and grasped my mom’s fingers with “fairly strong grasp.” Still not swallowing and is getting a tube placed in his stomach today.

Would love continued prayer for the ability to swallow, increased use of left side and faculties, as well as relief and guidance for his financial situation.