Therapy in motion

I spent 7 days in Florida with a focus on his therapy. After 8 weeks, he FINALLY started moving his limbs regularly on on Friday, May 10th during his (3rd??) PT evaluation. They FINALLY scheduled regular therapy for this past week (Tues/Thurs from now on), and my mom and I did exercises 2X per day while I was there. My mom is hiring extra helpers to come in to help with his evening therapy. I’m anxious to see how much progress he can make from here, and worry a bit about the 2 month delay to start.

He’s pretty much able to support his own weight if you help to stabilize him. Left leg from the knee up is impressively strong. Feeling, but no movement in his left hand and arm (including shoulder). His double vision is gone in right eye. His vision is limited to about 30-40 feet, and he can count fingers with each eye (with the other eye closed) up to 15-20 feet. Still a little blurry in the right eye, though.

Prayer requests are:
ability to move his left arm,
continued dexterity in his left leg,
speech development and improved vision.
Also prayer for my mom’s general health.