Day 15 – Discharge Papers?

They put a tube in his stomach yesterday so that he can eat (still not swallowing). Mom met with the social worker yesterday, and was told this morning that the doctor wrote the discharge papers but said they won’t send him until we have a safe place.

They moved him to a regular room today. Just to clarify, his discharge papers are not based on his health, he just doesn’t have the medical coverage to stay in the hospital a minute longer than he has to, or go to a good care facility.

We heard from the social worker that the VA will be helping with some of the cost of his home care, which was incredible news. The family will help cover the balance, his therapy and his monthly expenses.

I am thankful that he has loving parents, siblings, children and friends who have totally stepped up to help – physically being there, working around the clock to research and solve issues, and pledging financial support. Some are not so lucky.

My sister and my mother are working through his financial situation. Please pray for them.
Please also pray for a safe place, ability to swallow, and continued progress with his therapy.
Thank you to everyone for your support. It truly means so much!