Day 4 – Baby Steps

Each day he is taking baby steps forward and thus far no steps backwards. The swelling has come down a little. Lots of cerebral fluid still draining as his body produces more. Today they wanted him to rest as they prepare to wean him off his ventilator tomorrow. He was breathing on his own just days ago and intubated to protect his lungs from pneumonia. They think he’s ready to come back off. Had to put a “mitten” on him late last night when he tried to pull the tubes from his mouth. He doesn’t like it but seemed to accept it. He’s so sharp – he is responding to everything we ask him. Played some documentaries today to give him something to occupy his mind, but he tires easily so he mostly slept. He stares right at you when you speak so he’s tracking well. Big day tomorrow. Please pray for continued reduction in swelling, healing of the brain cells and successful removal of ventilator.