Day 5 – Removal of Ventilator

Update on John – end of Day 5:
They tested breathing this morning and he was able to breathe 100% on him own so they removed the feeding tube and vent tube all at once. SO much better.

They replaced with a cool mist mask which also didn’t go over well with John (anyone surprised?) and he proceeded to try to constantly pull it off so that he could try to speak and use his suction tube.

His oxygen level was not high enough so they replaced the mask with a nose tube (nasal cannula) and he’s been able to maintain good oxygen. He is coughing on his own (yay!) and suctioning his own mouth. He spoke a few words to my mom tonight and she understood him. He wanted to know what happened to him.

I was massaging his left hand, leg and foot and he could feel what I was doing which is also good.

Tomorrow we are hoping he will start therapies to get his speech and body moving more. Prayers for progress, patience and positivity.

Thanks for continued prayers. It has been so uplifting for John’s recovery (which already is a miracle) and the family’s spirits.