Day 3 – Touch and Go

Update on John. He’s still very critical. They told us this morning he actually had 5 strokes because 5 parts of his brain were affected all at once. They said he’s lucky to have lived this long, but he’s a fighter.

The good news is that he now has feeling on his left (paralyzed) side. We was able to squeeze with his fingers, and feel his legs when they were poking his left thigh. His eyes are open today, and he is responding to us through squeezing, nods, and even shaking his head.

He looks like he is haunted by his state. His awareness is almost a curse to him, I’m guessing. We are just trying to talk him through it and keep him calm while his body works to repair itself. We are definitely not out of the woods yet.

Please pray for decreased pressure, healing of the brain cells, and patience for John.