End of Day 1

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. John is very aware of what we are saying and responds to us. I told him we had hundreds of people praying for him and he asked me if I would post on his page as well. So I’m tagging him (on Facebook).

He still has swelling in his brain which is still a big concern. He has paralysis in his left side of his face and body, but is already fighting to regain control. He slows down what he says when you can’t understand him. That’s very encouraging to me. He mostly asks for food (steak, rotisserie chicken, Mac and cheese, ice cream) but I told him people pay big bucks to lose this kind of weight. He has all his parents, siblings and children here supporting him. Please pray for reduced swelling in his brain and for his ability to swallow to return. Also for his patience to allow his body to heal itself.